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Thanks for your interest in Legal Marketing Reader — "the easy way to keep tabs on law firm marketing news and resources." This web site is designed for persons working to promote legal services at law firms both large and small. This covers those working in law firm marketing departments, anyone working in business development, sales and client service functions, including marketing savvy attorneys, solo practioners and service providers.

The idea for this web site was born from my understanding of your need for a fast, reliable and free source for information to help you in your job, and my own need to find an easier way to keep track of law firm marketing news, tips and resources via the many blogs, news and resource sites around the net.

While there are many on-line tools to create your own customized web pages, favorites bookmarks, and news aggregators — let's face it — they're not always that easy! And who has the time to set them up and keep them up-to-date? As I was building my own collection of legal marketing bloggers, I realized that with a little more work and some fancy programming (thanks Jeremy), I could create a page to share with all.

Legal Marketing Reader is a one-stop web destination for staying on top of the best in law firm marketing resources from around the web. I've tried to select those sources that are most reliable and most "on target" for legal marketers, and to filter out much of the noise and spam that you can encounter in broad searches for related info.

This is an experiment and an evolving project. So, please feel free to tell me what you think — what you like and don't like about it. And what else you wish it would do. I'm listening!

Amy Campbell
Editor and Publisher


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The search box on the top right of every page, is a "Legal Marketing Only" search engine that will search all the blogs featured here in addition to selected legal marketing sources. It's an easy way to perform a selected search of trusted sources — just for law firm marketing topics (without getting lots of spam results).

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